Saturday, July 7, 2007

Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inspire someone

No, I'm not talking soccer or hockey, I'm talking about creative goals.

Lately I've been hearing a lot of challenges, ie: write a book in a week or a month, a specific reading list getting your to-do list done before July 21st before the new HP book comes out. (thanks for sharing that Janelle.)

I've been inspired by so many people lately, I wanted to include a list of goals in my blog.

Today I went to the library and picked up some books. I decided to start running down the list of Newberry winners. OK, so I also had to include a Captain Underpants and The Wonderful World of Wally McDougle, 'cause I can't get too serious ya know. I need my doses of comic relief.

So, please! in the comments below, please share what kind of goals you are working toward. Who knows, maybe you'll inspire someone to do the same!

What's everyone up to?


Ian Sands said...

I challeneged myself to comment on your blog post about challenges.

And now, whoo hoo! I have accomplished my goal!!

!!Go ian, go ian, it's your birthday!!!

C.R. Evers said...

Ian, as always, you are an inpiration. I'm glad to see you have set a lofty challenge for yourself.


Ian Sands said...

ok, i do have a goal for myself. i plan to write the first in a series of books about newimals. I plan to write the first book, about pigrates, in a week, while on vacation. i think if i write two chapters a day, i can pull it off, at least a first draft.

good luck ian

Janelle said...

Hiya Christy, I'm glad to see you joining the "goal setting" trend!

Way to go Ian on your lofty second goal! I look forward to reading the pigrates book shortly!

As to my goal, as noted on my blog I've got 10 more chapters to revise by July 21st! Silly Janelle, waiting until the last minute for these things! But I've put an HP goal-o-meter there so people can keep track of how far behind I am. LOL : ) My goodness, it's so hard to type with my fingers crossed! - Janelle

Carol said...

This was a great idea, Christy. I don;t think I can top Ian's (who ever could) and I just tend to be more matter of fact about stuff like this. I'd be happy (goal-wise) if I could write 2 blogs a week and one chapter a month on the Wing Haven book that sponsored lots of comments on the listserve about books for boys. That way-maybe in about a year or so- I would have made significant progress. Carol Baldwin

Ian Sands said...

Ian's goal update

I didn't write a book in a week but did write the first three chapters. Now I need to reset my goal. One chapter a week till done.