Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Critter has found his Lucky Valentine in Illinois!!!

I'm an Illinois girl born and bred, not to mentioin, Kelly has been following Critter and Cheering him on since the very beginning, so I'm thrilled that Kelly and her family will get to be Critter's sweet Valentine. :0) Knowing Kelly, there may even be some sort of a concert involved. He may also return with his toe nails painted black. :0)

Don't give up on a Critter visit. He still has 9 more locations to visit before he returns to me. I'd love for him to visit places like Australia, Montana, Michigan, California, the Virgin Islands, heck, Anywhere! I love seeing where all the bloggers are from and where they take Critter.

And a great big THANKS once again to Nandini, for being such a fabulous host for Critter!

Critter Traveling for a Cause?

But here's something I would like some feedback on. You see, Critter has had tons of fun on his journey, and yet his eyes have been opened as well. He's become a more aware and enlightened Critter. At first, Critter expected to return to me from his journey, only to reture as my office mascot. However, since the Haiti disaster, he has realized that perhaps his travels might be put to a better use. He's wondering if, perhaps, when he returns to me, that I should auction him off to give to a charity to be determined (such as Haiti relief, or whatever might be more pressing at the time.) His travels could be like an awareness campaign and then when he returns, I can auction him off and the highest bid would be made to the American Red Cross or some other reputable institution for whatever cause we decide on.

I've never done anything like this before. It may take Critter a year to return, so there's time to decide. I would need help from all my blogger and Childrens Lit. friend to spread the word about Critter and his humanitarian efforts and build up awareness for potential bidders. What do you think? Any thoughts, ideas? advice?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Critter is Looking for his Sweet Valentine

Will you be Critter's Valentine? Nandini is taking requests for a Critter visit. Be sure to hurry on over because the drawing will be on Tuesday January 26th. (the day after my birthday. If you'd like to send a cake, please send via e-mail. I have a cyber cake'o bake'o-maker, so I'll receive said spoils in tact, minus all calories.)

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Nandini's blog and sign up. I'd love to see where Critter will go next!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Critter at the ALA midwinter conference

From what I undertand, THE Marissa Doyle is holding Critter. Swoon Seriously, Author-struck is way better than Star-struck. . . because authors are WAY MORE AWESOME!

Critter is living the writers life. Going places, meeting other writers and authors . . . .I hope that when he returns to me, he'll share all of his fabulous stories and inspire me to write some amazing stories!

Check out Nandini's blog to see more pictures.

Also, lets not forget Critter's creator, Ian Sands and his art students. If it weren't for them I wouldn't have been inspired by their interactive art projects and there wouldn't be a Critter traveling through blogland. :0)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A great start to a new year of reading . . . . and a Critter update

sooo . . . .some things in this year have started off a little grumble-fuzzley, but my year of reading has started off GREAT!!!!!

See. That's what I love about books and reading. Other things can be going all wonky in your life, but you can pick up a good book and "voila!" You've got something good to hang onto and even be happy about. Aren't books wonderful?

Anyway, the year starts by lil' ol' me winning a pack of books from Christina Farley's mega-generous book giveaway. Yeah! And to celebrate her generosity, I plan on giving away the books that I receive once I have finished them, so stay tuned. You may still get to share in the book give-away luv too.

Then . . . The first book that I completed in 2010 was "The Lightening Thief" by Rick Riordan. Wow! What a fun book. I could tell he had fun creating it. What a fun way to play with Greek Mythology!!!! When I finished this book it made me think about how thoughts and well-placed words are like an elaborate Tinker-Toy set or Leggo's or something like that. Mr. Riordan had all these Mythological creatures to play with, and he brought them into the modern world and took all those parts to create something fun and new. "The Lightening Thief" isn't just a book. It is Rick Riordan's playground and he's letting us play along too. So much fun!

The second book that I read was a debut novel by Pam Bachorz, titled "Candor" It came out in late 2009 and I would say this is a book to put high on your To-Be-Read-Pile.

If I were to describe this YA novel in 4 words it would be: "Stepford Wives meets Pleasantville"

A grieved father created a picture-perfect town where all kids mysteriously begin to change their rebellious ways soon after their arrival. He has no idea that his only living son knows the truth; the people of Candor are being brainwashed by hidden messages. The founder's son has created a way to avoid the messages that seek to dominate his mind and he has made it his business to help the newcomers escape before it's too late. But when Nia, the most recent newcomer to Candor, arrives, he can't decide if he should help her escape because if she leaves, that would mean losing her forever. He's living a fine line between deceit and truth.

I finished this book in less than 24 hours. It's a flashlight-worthy page-turner. on a scale from 1-5 I would give it a 4. The only reason I wouldn't give it a 5 is because I wasn't fully satisfied withe the ending. I would have liked a little more resolution regarding Nia. I won't explain anymore, because I don't want to spoil any of the book for you. This book is best read without knowing the spoilers.

Way to go Pam Bachorz, for a fabulous debut novel. And thanks for a great read!

And . . . for even more exciting news, there has been a Critter siting. He is now in New England where he has hung on a Christmas tree, played in the snow and it has been discovered that he curiously looks like the Avatar charaters as well as Indian Na'vi art. hmmmmm . . . . is Critter a mystical creature as well?

You must visit Nandini's blog to see what Critter is up to. Be sure to leave Nandini a message and say "Hello!"

Isn't it sweet how Critter brings folks together. I'm feeling all warm and mushy inside.