Saturday, January 5, 2008

My office is almost done!!!!!!!!!

I spent a good part of the day organizing my office space. It's not quite done yet, but it is now funcitonal.

I wanted to fill my office (which will also have to double as a guest room when needed) with the things that inspire my creativity and help me reconnect with childhood.

Some of my critique group buddies will recognize some decorations from our schmooze in 2007 hanging on my bulletin board which holds masterpieces made by my children.

The desk space-- where the magic happens . (my childhood furniture, dolls from my childhood more schmooze decorations and things made by the kids, reference materials etc.)

The tiffany lamp in the back is made by my dad, the bed is made up with all the colors that I LOVE! Bright colors make me happy. And then there's the book shelf! Books! Books! and more books! I need a picture or something over the bed. Any suggestions?


PaMdora said...

Put that Fire and Water painting over the bed. It's got all the same colors, and it would look fabulous in a nice mat and frame.

It would give your daughter a real kick-start to see her work professionally presented! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm leaving a comment a year too late! I was curious to see your workspace. We have a home office, but my husband works from home, so my office is the dining room. We have a guest bedroom, but it's far too small to add a desk. (The room is 90% bed, 10% closet doors.)

I love the bedding in that room, I'm also a bright, colorful girl. You might like some of the folk art by AliceinParis on Etsy, but you've probably already hung something there!