Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Critter has found his Lucky Valentine in Illinois!!!

I'm an Illinois girl born and bred, not to mentioin, Kelly has been following Critter and Cheering him on since the very beginning, so I'm thrilled that Kelly and her family will get to be Critter's sweet Valentine. :0) Knowing Kelly, there may even be some sort of a concert involved. He may also return with his toe nails painted black. :0)

Don't give up on a Critter visit. He still has 9 more locations to visit before he returns to me. I'd love for him to visit places like Australia, Montana, Michigan, California, the Virgin Islands, heck, Anywhere! I love seeing where all the bloggers are from and where they take Critter.

And a great big THANKS once again to Nandini, for being such a fabulous host for Critter!

Critter Traveling for a Cause?

But here's something I would like some feedback on. You see, Critter has had tons of fun on his journey, and yet his eyes have been opened as well. He's become a more aware and enlightened Critter. At first, Critter expected to return to me from his journey, only to reture as my office mascot. However, since the Haiti disaster, he has realized that perhaps his travels might be put to a better use. He's wondering if, perhaps, when he returns to me, that I should auction him off to give to a charity to be determined (such as Haiti relief, or whatever might be more pressing at the time.) His travels could be like an awareness campaign and then when he returns, I can auction him off and the highest bid would be made to the American Red Cross or some other reputable institution for whatever cause we decide on.

I've never done anything like this before. It may take Critter a year to return, so there's time to decide. I would need help from all my blogger and Childrens Lit. friend to spread the word about Critter and his humanitarian efforts and build up awareness for potential bidders. What do you think? Any thoughts, ideas? advice?


Kim Kasch said...

So fun - when my kids were young it was Flat Stanley who came for a visit.

Kelly said...

Good idea for Critter to be Humanitarian Critter!
I am thrilled he will come for a visit! I'm going to have to ask him what bands he likes when he gets here! :) And I will definitely get him chocolate on Valentine's Day! :)

Kelly said...

I just noticed him sitting on the Cubs shirt! Go Cubbies!

Kelly H-Y said...

I see some serious dancing in Critter's future! Oh yes ... there will definitely be dancing with Kelly! Can't wait!
I love our Humanitarian Critter idea! :-)

Christina Farley said...

I love the Humanitarian Critter. It's fun seeing where he goes.

Bish Denham said...

I think the Humanitarian Critter idea is a good one. And I can just see Critter jamming and dancing with Kelly and her family!

Angela said...

Go critter go!

creative space said...

Keep on going critter!