Sunday, August 29, 2010

Andy, Annie and tomatoes

This was my clock. OK. Maybe not the EXACT clock. But this was my clock when I was 4 years old, maybe younger. Now someone is selling it for a ton of $$$ on e-bay. Anyway . . . when the alarm went off it said, "Andy, Andy, please wake up, it's time to start our day." (or something like that.) If there's any more to it, I don't remember.

I remember this clock because my mom was at work and my dad and brother were outside shoveling the Chicago snow. I was in the house all by myself. Sure. My dad and brother were technically "there" but in a 4 year old mind, I was in the house . . . ALONE!!!!! I remember grabbing this clock and a few tomatoes from the refrigerator and hiding under my bed.

Cartoons had taught me well. The clock told me when mom should be home. The tomatoes were to throw at an intruder. I was set!!!

I love this memory! I'm even contemplating buying this stupid clock!

Can anyone else remember their irrational childhood moments? I'd love to hear them!


Bish Denham said...

On the rare occasions my parents went out without my sister and me, I would follow one and then the other around the house asking, "Where are you going? Are you going to be gone long? When are you coming back?"

Finally, I can't remember which one, got tired of my pestering and said, "We're going to Alaska. We'll be gone so long we're going to put you in the freezer and defrost you when we come back."

I developed a fear of our big chest freezer. Ever time Mom asked me to get something out of it I was sure I'd fall in and that no one would notice I was gone and that I'd freeze to death...It's funny now...but at the time, with my vivid imagination, it was scary!

Anonymous said...

I took the notion of an Indian sweat-lodge deeply to heart. Any time I was sick, or imagined I was, I'd pull out my old crib (portable) and EVERY quilt and fuzzy blanket I could find. The fluffiest blankets were laid down on the mattress of the crib and all the others formed the walls of my sweat lodge. It was .... very "wombish". I'd spend hours in it. I'm sure I cured myself of any number of terrifying diseases in this manner.

Kimberly Barger said...

After watching the Wizard of Oz, I was afraid of tornadoes...I would take a book to bed with me just in case I was caught up in one..I had to have something to do while in the tornado! ha

Kelly said...

One of my childhood friends had that same clock!
And lol on the tomatoes!
I was and am a chicken so I had fears. I remember I would only go on rollercoasters on my dad since he was strongest and would catch me if I fell out.

Rose Cooper said...

How adorable!

When I was about eight, I went to the drive in movies with my mom and gma and saw Gremlins. I was freaked out. From then on, I never let my arms dangle over the side of my bed at night, and I never looked at the space between the wall and my bed and night because I swore there would be gremlins waiting for me!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Aww, I love this, Christy! The tomatoes are hilarious. When I was a wee one, I became terrified of a gorilla at a zoo. I was sure he was going to break out of his enclosed area, somehow find my house, climb up the tree beside my window, and crawl into my bedroom. Eeek! I decided that if I heard him climbing the tree, I'd wedge myself between the mattress and box spring to hide. Clearly I needed tomatoes, too. : )

Kelly H-Y said...

My whole room was Raggedy Ann and Andy! :-) Yes ... my sister and I shared a room, and had drawn up plans to basically remodel our room by tearing down the back wall, thereby giving us more space! :-)

adrienne said...

Cute story - I love the part about the tomatoes.

Around the same age I had one of those cat clocks with the big eyes that moved back and forth - the noise it made sounded like talking to me. I was scared to death of the thing and made my mom take it down!