Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mad and Sad

I'm very bummed. At the end of June I had my first article accepted for Lifted Magazine. (I'm not going to include a link because I'm mad at them!) :0P My article was supposed to be included in their Aug/Sept issue. I had signed an agreement and received confirmation of acceptance and everything!

Imagine my surprise when the Aug/Sept. issue came out and my article wasn't included.

I contacted the editor re: my article. Her response was that she didn't have time to include my article, they were changing some formats of the magazine and they will include my article sometime in their blog, but not as a featured article. :0(

Boy! My balloon has been busted!

I'm mad and I'm sad.

The good news is that I did have another article accepted by a new e-zine called Kidz Wonder. That article is going to be featured in their January issue.

~sniff, sniff~ :0(

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