Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Midnight Magic By Avi

I just read another great historical fiction book by Avi called "Midnight Magic"

I've never known anyone to write historical fiction quite like Avi. He's a master story teller.

When Fabrizio, loyal servant to Mangus the Magician, hears someone knocking at their door at midnight, he knows it must be bad news. Mangus had been tried and convicted of practicing magic, and no one ever came to visit them. Mangus was spared from being put to death by King Cluadio's mercy. When Fabrizio answers the door, one of the king's soldiers says that Mangus is wanted at the castle because his daughter has claimed to see a ghost and he wants Mangus to rid the castle of the spector. Mangus, though convicted for practicing the dark art of magic, was nothing more than a trickster. His magic was a hoax and he does not believe in ghosts, so he is determined to find out what the princess really saw.

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