Monday, July 14, 2008

Alligators in church

Book research opportunities can pop up when you least expect them.

On Wed. night I took the kids to the summer kids program at our church. Special guest speaker, Dan the Animal man brought some pretty awesome animals to show the kids.
The last to come out was the 130lb alligator! I must confess, I was just as giddy (if not more) when Dan the Animal Man said he would take the alligator into the foyer when the program was over so we could pet it and take pictures. Did I mention there is scene in my current WIP where my protagonist gets up close and personal with an alligator?
This was church, after all, so I tried not to knock the kids over as I ran for my turn to touch the alligator. ;0) I studied that thing! His eyes, his claws, the feel of his skin!!!!! Now I can go back to that scene and add more detail.

Who would've thunk it? Alligator research in church. You just never know when these things will come up. Just goes to show why I always need my camera and pen and paper where ever I go.


Brenda said...

How wonderful (and a bit scary) to touch an actual alligator and in church of all places!!!

You can't get any better research then that...grin...

Kate said...

Getting up close and personal with an alligator for research purposes - now that's what I call a dedicated writer!
I had a (non-venomous) snake around my neck once. I'm sure the experience will come in useful one day.

Ian Sands said...

An alligator in church isn't really such a big deal. We have several alligators in my church. Plus a few dinosaurs :)

Actually, I would love to book this guy for our service.


Catherine J Gardner said...

WOW! And a wee bit frightening.

C.R. Evers said...

Brenda, Yep! That's about as good as it gets! :0)

Kate, If I were REALLY dedicated, I would've aske to have his mouth untaped and for a moment to wrestle the gator on the floor. but my kids were there. Maybe next time. So, I fall a bit short of a truly dedicated writer. :0)

Ian, you should call him up. He's in NC a lot.

Catherine, the fact that his mouth was taped shut and the Animal guy was holding his head pretty much took all the "scary" out of it. I wouldn't have been so brave otherwise- but shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone that I'm really a wimp. :0)