Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cluck Kent and Lois Path

This time of year brings back memories of the writing experience that first cultivated the "love of writing" in me.

I was in 5th grade and in white chalk (this was the day of black boards) the teacher wrote:

Write a story starting with this sentence "One day I was face to face with a musket . . . "

wish I had the foresight to keep that piece, but I didn't. I do, however, remember a little bit of how it goes.

One day I was face to face with a musket . . .

I went on to tell the story of a young and strong turkey named Cluck Kent. World famous Bawkporter Lois Path found herself looking down the barrel of a musket. Cluck Kent sensed trouble was afoot and our hero dashed into the nearest hollow log to emerge none-other than Super Hero extrodinaire SUPER TURKEY!!!!!!!! Super Turkey was able to get the musket away from the hunter and saved the day. THE END

I had so much fun writing the story, and the teacher and my parents gushed over my paper and Voila! The seeds of "writing-joy" were planted.

Thanks Super Turkey and Mrs. Whatsyourname for my my 5th grade Thanksgiving writing assignment.


Ian Sands said...

A musket? Blackboards? For a 79 year old, you look good for your age. Hey, nice turkey illustration :P

Janelle said...

Awesome story Christy! I would never have been so creative with character names at that age! You've obviously had the literary gift for many, many years, and it was right of your parents to swoon! I love it -- Cluck Kent! (You should re-write it now and sell it -- a great holiday piece!)