Friday, November 2, 2007

Eye candy for aratsy schmartsy people. Check out Mr. November!

So, I turn my calendar to November, (all Monet if you couldn't guess) and much to my delight, November's picture is my FAVORITE Monet of all times. I get to look at it all month! :0)

I love Monet in general (is there anyone who doesn't?) But out of them all, this is the one that most makes me feel like I'm there. I can feel the breeze and hear the ocean in the distance. I enjoy the sultry whisper of the leaves stirring in the wind; the sun warms my skin as I escape the energy of the city below.

~sigh~ I hope I can see this in person some day.

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Ian Sands said...

I hate monet!!!!

just kidding. But i'm not going al lthe way to Chigaco to see a painting. First off cause it is too windy and second because the pizza is lousy!

The first monet painting i ever saw was at the MOMA in NY. The had two large, wall size, liiypad paintings. My mouth dropped open.

Last year i took a class to the DC Gallery. Check it ut her: