Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Dysfunctional reader, I Love'em 'n Leave'em: Book Nook Tuesday

Dear Dr. Bookworm,

It seems that I've had a very difficult time lately sticking with one book. True. I usually have three books going at a time. One for waiting rooms/car pool lines etc, one on CD and one before going to bed.

But I can't seem to stick with any books lately! I've taken several back to the library w/o finishing them. It's not that I thought the books were bad, I just either lost interest or just wanted to move onto something else. I think I've done that with at least four books this month. Why can't I commit? Do I need book therapy?

P.S. I just started "The Never Ending Story" and I think I may be able to stick with it! Ironic, isn't it?


The Dysfunctional Reader

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