Friday, April 4, 2008

Stories from a 4 year old author

Yesterday my 4 year old daughter wanted to write some stories of her own. She told me the words and I wrote them down as she dictated. I tried to be as accurate as possible. Watch out J.K. Rowling. Here comes Abby.

I think the best part is that at the times when we became sidetracked, she would turn from her mini etch-a-sketch (what she was using as her computer) and would say to me, "Let's get back to business!"

The hungry dinosaur was hungry and he wanted to eat people. First he ate a square and a triangle. Then he ate some grass. He ate a people that was an old man. The dinosaur sucked some holes in the old mans head and ears and then cooked him. He ate him. The End.
Mothers note: Should this story concern me?

Note to reader: The charactres in this story are trains.
It was a long day for Thomas and his day of working. And he decided to go and meet his friends and he saw his cousin Murray. They went to see his new friends and visit friends for a couple of days. They did the plays of goodness. They went to finish their adventures and then see their friends. They bumped into someone that was Laura. She couldn’t get out. They were all stuck together. Their wheels bumped into gum and stuck together. The boss saw them stuck together. It was the boss’s gum. The End.

Me and my friend Nemo. It was a long day that Abby and her friend Nemo played in the ocean. Abby and her pet Nemo played ball then there was a new friend coming called Zachary. He was nice and he had a pet dolphin and then they played together. Then they had to go. Then they sleeped and then it was morning time and the rooster said “Cock-a-doodle-doo.” Then Zachary and his friend Abby and their pets went out to play. The End.

My e-mail is now ready for all you agents and editors who are ready to sign her up! ;0)

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Liz said...

Adorable! I wish I could write as well. :0) I'm certain the publishing world will now be flooding your e-mail box.