Saturday, May 17, 2008

Contest Alert!!!! Pitch Your Story

The buzz word around SCBWI Carolina's chapter is "Pitch." This theme was prompted by Sarah Shumway, editor at Dutton, at our recent writers retreat in Chapel Hill. Ms. Shumway shed some light on how important (more like crucial) it is to have a good pitch for your story. You can read my notes from her session if you'd like more info.

So, one of our chapter members is having a Pitch contest. It's a great opportunity to work on your pitch and get some feedback as well. You can join Donna at her blog and get the details. Authors Stephanie Reed and Susan K. Marlow are braving the judges seats and there's even a prize! whoo hoo! *\o/*

Get your pitch ready! She'll start accepting entries on May 21st. . . .

Ready . . . .
Set . . . .


WordWrangler said...

Oooh! thanks for the shout-out, Christy!

I hope you're going to come over and throw your Perfect Pitch! :)

Also, Gloria's pic on your other blog is beautiful. We are in Concord, but we might just have to make a surprise trip. I'll try to make it happen!


C.R. Evers said...

hey donna thanks for stopping by!

i'm getting my pitch ready.

i think I might even be done by opening day.

this is a great idea to help us get our butts in gear!