Monday, November 3, 2008

Indiana Christy and the Plot of Doom: Book Giveaway #2

Update!: I'm at 9,466 words. Only 1,544 words to go for the book drawing! Get your names in. The drawing will be Wed. November 5th!

Leave a comment below to win a copy of "The Secrets of Droon" Search for the Dragon Ship by Tony Abbot

I have my hat. I have my latte. I have a book to give away (hey! that kind of rhymes.) Bonus!

I've made it! I've collected my first 5,500 words in the Land of NaNo WriMo. The Great Inspiration Giver, Jacqui won the first Token of gratitude for her Gracious gift of cheering me on as she preformed the "running man" and the "sprinkler."

Now it's time for my 2nd book giveaway to any Great Giver of Inpsiration or Motivation (that's you) who leaves a comment below. I have collected many words, but it has not been w/o peril. I need wisdom and words of encouragement more than ever before.

Day 1:
On day one, my expedition was delayed by the curse of the werewolves of Youkantdothiz. I was cursed with a hairy head cold that muddled my brain and clogged my sinus cavities. Not even the Barista at the Cave of Starbucks could produce a brew that could make me feel better.

Alas! I am Indiana Christy and I pressed on.

My map made the hunt for the first 3,500 words a simple conquest. Perched in my tree, I found a herd of words roaming below. I aimed my bow, shot and pierced the words with a stealthy blow.

What I did not expect was the laundry monster. As I searched for more words, I went from room to room in the castle of Myhowz. At every turn there was a mountain of Laundry Monsters staring me down. They chased me and threatened to swallow me whole! What to do? My first impulse was to run and flee! But No! This monster multiplies too fast. I had to do something. Blob by monstrous blob I fought. Drowning each hideous beast in a vat of a churning current. Drowning . . . drying. . . folding. . . hanging. Finally, I conquered the slew of laundry monsters in my wake. Unfortunatley I know there are more hiding and multiplying as I type. It took a good part of the rest of the day to tackle these beasts. By nightfall it was too late and I ached far too much to hunt for any more words.

Little did I know, the worst was yet to happen. My glowing box, the one with the apple on the cover, the one where I keep my captured words, fell to the cave floor and busted. My loyal Tribe-mate had mercy on me and took my glowing box to the local glowing box store to see if it could be repaired.

I went to bed that night exhausted, wondering how I could hunt the remaining words without my fabulous glowing box.

Day 2:

My Tribe-mate came through for me. Though the glowing box could not be restored, so a new glowing box was purchased and my words were able to be saved and transferred to the new glowing box.

The hunt for the next 2,000 words proved to be more difficult. I have 3 small Elvish monkeys in my care and they chattered all day. The chattering scared away the words, making them more difficult to collect. It took all day, but I did it.

However, I am adept at setting snares (despite the chatter). I was able to collect the next 2,000 words in that manner.

Day 3 is about to begin. Wish me luck in the comments section and you will have your name entered in the drawing for the Secrets of Droon book giveaway. If you provide a clever answer for how to conquer the laundry monsters that multiply and attack on a constant basis, I will add your name a 2nd time, giving you double the chance to win.

See you in another 5,500 words!


Kim Kasch said...

Oh drop the glowing box is so unfair. Perhaps you need a whip to lasso that wild beast.

I too wanted to go on this journey but alas I forgot while I was at the beach about this other trip. Maybe next year I will join you on the path to the temple of nano ;)

Good luck staying the course.

Kim Kasch said...

Oh, and btw, love the hat! So at least your stylin' as you take this trip.

beth said...

You're stylin' so the hat! And I love the positive, creative attitude, too!

C.R. Evers said...

Thanks Kim! I'll keep my eye out for that lasso!

Thanks Beth! :0)

Anonymous said...

Go, write, win!

As for the defeating the laundry monster, I say just ignore him. I hear that stained clothes are the newest fashion trend. Have you seen the Tide "talking stain" commercial? Come on, everyone wants a shirt like that!

PJ Hoover said...

OK, Indiana Christy, I have no idea if we have this one or not. But if we win, my son will be thrilled :)
Love the hat!

Janelle said...

I love your Indiana Christy photo! That's a keeper!
And Christy I'm so proud of your adept use of the the word Alas, here on your blog! Awesome.

The laundry monster has been attacking me too. My personal strategy is to only give 1 hour today to killing the laundry monsters. We'll see. : )

Kelly said...

Ha! Awesome photo! Sorry about the busted "glowing box", good of your Tribemate to come through for you!
My laundry monster solution, let the pile grow til the mold eats the clothes and it all disappears...then go shopping! (okay, that won't quite work for the present economy...)

C.R. Evers said...

Tara, you have a good point! Except, my laundry is mean. Has big teeth and says it will swallow me. And I think it just might if I don't conquer it. ;0)

Thanks PJ! :0)

Thanks Janelle. You know, the whole reason I blog is so I can use cool words like "Alas" ;0) The laundry monster is eeeeevil!

Thanks Kelly. Not a bad solution. Let one monster take care of another. LIke Godzilla and King Kong. I'm all for shopping! :0) But for 5 people that could get a big pricey. I'll keep your idea in mind though. It may come in handy.

Rena said...

Love the hat! You're not at 8000+ words? Dang! Good job!

Must.Keep.Writing. ;)

C.R. Evers said...

Rean, I know, I'm slacking off. ;0) I actually did want to hit 8,000 +, but I had so much house work to do since I was sick last week, that I was trying to play catch up. I went to bed at 9:00 at night from exhaustion and couldn't reach my writing goal.

Rena said...

9466 now? Girl, you're on fire! I guess I better get off the blogs and start writing!

Keep up the GREAT WORK!