Saturday, November 1, 2008

Indiana Christy and the Plot of Doom: The Quest for the Givers of Insipration (psst! It's really a book giveaway!)

Indiana Christy and the Plot of Doom: The Great Book Giveaway!

My plane nears the ominous land of NaNo WriMo. I know my task. To hunt, collect and conquer 50,000 words. Mix them together and soak the skeleton of Thestoryinmymind in the brew. It's that simple. It's that hard.

I turn to my mentor, Big Bertha Binkleschnitz (BB for short), and say, "This is a daunting task. Almost too much for one person. What if I lack the strenght to carry on?" I sigh.

"There are two things you can do." BB informs me. "First, each morning you must go to the cave of wonders. The cave know as Starbucks. There you will ask for my the Mixer of Potions: Barista. Barista will provide you with an invigorating drink. But use it well, my friend. It will cost you dearly."

I nod with a hint of relief and ask, "and what is the second thing?"

"Look into this glowing box." BB says as she leads me to peculiar contraption with a picture of an apple on the outside.

"ohhhhh! pretty!" I say

"On the other side of this box are the all-knowing, all powerful Givers of Inspiration. As a matter of fact, they are reading about your adventure on their side of the box right this very moment."

"No way!" I exclaim.

"Way," Big Bertha continues. "Type a plea into this box and ask the Givers of Inspiration to grant you power and encouragement. Perhaps, you may even want to offer a token of gratitude as well."

I nod my head in agreement and begin to type:

Dear All-knowing Givers of Inspiration who dwell on the other side of this glowing Box. Greetings.

I ask of you to grant me words of encouragement, advice, inspiration or whatever you deem necessary to impart strength for my journey.

I offer to you, in return, an offering of books. For every 5,500 words that I gather, I shall give away one of you a book of your choosing. Please indicate your book of choice in the comment section along with your gift of encouragement. You may enter comments as many times as you like. I don't care if you comment 100 times. I unashamedly admit that the more encouragement that I receive, the more pumped up I become. For every comment you leave, that gives you all the more chances to be drawn for the book offering of gratitude.

Here are your choices:

Airy Fairy Magic Mistakes by Margaret Ryan
Skinny Bones by Barbara Park
Great-Grandpa's in the Litter Box (The Zack Files) by Dan Greenburg
Moose Crossing by Stephanie Greene
The Secrets of Droon City in the Clouds by Tony Abbott
The Secrets of Droon Search for the Dragon Ship by Tony Abbot
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo A Whirlwind VAcation by Nancy Krulik
American Gril A Felicity Mystery Peril at Kings Creek by Elizabeth McDavid Jones
Holbrook: A Lizard's Tale by Bonny Becker

See you in 5,500 words. updates to come! You can also check my Nano word counter listed on the sidebar to the right.

. . . . and . . . keep your eyes open for a Bonus book giveaway and interview w/ author Kathleen Duey of Skin Hunger. I don't have a day planed yet. There's a good chance I'll be able to run it this month. Stay tuned . . . . . .

Now, go ahead and leave a comment and when I reach 5,500 words, I'll drawn a name!

Indiana Christy


PJ Hoover said...

Ooh, looking forward to the interview! I'm finishing up Skin Hunger now!

Anonymous said...

I grant you the gift of inspiration. You are wise Indiana Christy.

(I'd like one of the Droon books!)


Kelly said...

Go! Go! Go! You can do it, Christy!
You've had an awesome first day...the rest will just flow onto paper!

(the moose one :0)

Janelle said...

Love the book give-away-to-keep-Christy-typing idea. : )

I am very impressed by your latest word count posted on my blog dear -the 1700! I KNEW that you would be awesome at the Nanowrimo thing!

Now give me a book soon, darn it. I love free stuff! : ) hee hee.

No really, you'd best keep typing friend because I MAY be right on your heels any minute! Still, in the spirit of all that is great about nano cameraderie...
Go Christy, go!!!!
- Janelle

Jacqui said...

Go Christy, Go Christy!
(does running man)
You can do it, you can do it!
(does the sprinkler)
Etc. etc. etc.

Dorothy said...

Shoot, my box just say D E L L and it doesn't even have a picture of a nice green picnic place. I think you're going to make it with your magic

Marcia said...

What a cool idea! And 3000 words already? You're doing great!

Katie Kazoo or Skinny Bones.

C.R. Evers said...

Hey Janelle! I've got lots of books, so your chances are high! Thanks!

My laptop crashed last night. Literally, from the kitchen counter down to the floor. That may make NaNo trickier now. (figures) but at least I have my hubbies laptop. I saved my 3000 words on a usb drive before the "crash" so at least I didn't lose all that work. ~sigh~ stuff like this happens to me all the time. I think I"m cursed.

Hey Dorothy! Well, the apple box may not be all it's cracked up to be. Mine crashed on the floor last night and is now out of commission. Hopefully Dell is tougher.

Hey Marcia! Thanks! Both of those books are so cute! :0)

C.R. Evers said...

Jacqui, I'm loving the mental immage of the "running man" as you chant. :0) If that don't keep me going, nothing will.

Brenda said...

Christy...I grant you the power of you can catch your laptops before they hit the floor and so you can type your story faster and faster...grin...

Love the contest...Good luck with NaNo...

Airy Fairy Magic Mistakes by Margaret Ryan...

C.R. Evers said...

Thanks Brenda! I"m gonna need that. I'm I klutz, so I need the speed to catch falling objects more often than I'd like to admit. ;0)


C.R. Evers said...

Thanks Brenda! I"m gonna need that. I'm I klutz, so I need the speed to catch falling objects more often than I'd like to admit. ;0)


beth said...

Argh! I thought I commented before, but it's not showing up!

Anyway, Good Luck!! You'll do fine, and I'm sure you'll be a NaNo success story :)

Jill Corcoran said...

ohhh, i want in.....
man you're a fast writer:)