Saturday, March 1, 2008

Book Review: Goose Girl, By Shannon Hale

Goose Girl
By Shannon Hale

Two of my critique group buddies recommended this book. They said that the YA novel I'm working on has a similar "feel" and "tone" as "Goose Girl." Now that I've read the book, I've got to say that I'm giddy beyond words to be compared to the likes of this book! I loved it! And if my current WIP is even half as good as this one, I may actually be published one day.

Goose Girl is a clever tale about a young princess, Ani, who has the ability to talk to birds. This gift is not looked upon favorably in her Kingdom which leaves her feeling out of place and inadequate.

When Ani's lady in waiting leads an elaborate scheme to steal Ani's identity, Ani begins a journey where she develops her self-worth and learns the value of her abilities.

One of my favorite passages in this book is from the evening of a Royal Ball and Ani feels out of place. When I read this passage in the context of the chapter, I was able to visualize the scene as well as emotionally relate to Ani. It's a simple passage, but it captured so much for me.

"She reached the pond and looked back to where the pink marble ballroom gazed brilliantly out at the night, the glass and walls trapping the music in. The people inside looked beautiful, graceful, and completely at ease in their place. It helped her to resolve to realize that she was nothing like them."

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