Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello. I'm Christy and I'm a Beta-aholic

Meet my new writing partners

Here's the story:

My 4 year old and 6 year old have been asking for a pet fish to have as their very own. I thought they were ready so, yesterday I went out and bought them each a Beta. I've had betas in the past. They are easy to care for and they are beautiful. The kids fell in love with their new pets and I started to think "Gee! I sure love Betas. I think I need one for my office.

The Beta I had years ago met an unfortunate and gruesome death. In the middle of the night my cat knocked over the fish bowl and tortured the poor little thing. I'm sure he didn't mean any harm. He was a sweet cat and probably just thought it was a super cool new aquatic-cat-nip toy. Or maybe an interactive kitty treat. In the morning little fish pieces were scattered all over my kitchen. (Mental note to self: must be more discerning in placement of fish bowl.)
So, I went to the store and purchased the fish below. His name is C.S. Isn't he pretty--I mean handsome?

Well, you see, I really couldn't just have one fish named C.S. His very name demanded that there be a second. Hence the fish below. I named him Lewis.

C.S. and Lewis are very happy in my office. I love watching them swish around in their bowls. (Notice their rocks match the wild color scheme of my office.) Their colors make me happy and their movement is calming.

I noticed that there were some spots in my office that needed "livening up." I KNEW that more Beta fish were exactly what those voids NEEDED. So I went to buy another fish.
That would be the fish below. His name is J.R. (see where this is going?)

However, I realized that I couldn't just leave the store with ONLY J.R. That just wouldn't be right! There HAD to be a Tolkien!
So, this is Tolkien. He lives among the the psychedelic palm trees.

But you know what? I think I need two more. And I think my husband needs one for his office too. I told him he needed a fish and he just gave me a funny look and didn't say anything. I think that's his way of saying "Sure! Great idea. I'd love to have a fish! Please get a beta for me too" (did he just say two?!)

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