Monday, June 2, 2008

Book Review: The Theif Lord by Cornelia Funke

Two orphans runaway in order to remain together. They join a small band of children who have been taken under the wing of the infamous and mysterious Thief Lord. When the Thief Lord is hired to carry out an unusual burglary, the children find that the Thief Lord isn't all he claims to be and they set out toward an island with magical possibilities.

The book started out kind of slow for me. I couldn't get into it until around chapter 10. But once I hit that chapter, I didn't want to put the book down.

The idea is creative, fun and sometimes comical and the characters are endearing.


Craft Write said...

I'm glad you're reading one of my favorite children's author. There is also a very short movie made from this book, which is pretty good. I'd like to recommend Inkheart, also by Cornelia Funke. It will keep you glued from the first chapter. Let me know how you like this book when you finish.
Kathryn Jacoby

C.R. Evers said...

Hey Kathy! Yes, I'm in Awe of Funke's creativity and storytelling abilities! I'm looking forward to reading more. I did read Inkheart back in April. I loved that one too!