Thursday, June 5, 2008

Junk Yard Wars, Revisions and potty scooters

photographers credit: unknown

What do Junk Yard Wars and novel revisions have in common?

In my case, everything. Just look and see if the comparison is as obvious to you as it is to me:

Novel draft 1:
One project. One goal. A mountain of scraps and debris piled in cluttered heaps. (we're talking about my mind. Not the junkyard) What do I use? What tools do I have? What pieces can I use to construct a functioning and noteworthy creation? Through the pile I go; the forgotten memories are pulled out and dusted off, what crumpled wads of joy and sorrow are then disclosed! The shards of broken dreams, dulled further from the elements, call out to be made into something useful. Behold! Twinkling gems of accomplishments, faith and hope can't help but gleam, refusing to be overtaken by the rubble.

Diligently, I gather what I have and lay it out on paper. It's not pretty. If truth be known--it's a stinking mess. But I am a crafter! A creator! I see the possibilities and I am up for the task. (Does this mean I qualify for a super hero costume? I like capes. Can I have a purple cape?)

Novel draft 2:
The pieces come together. Shaped, molded, and examined. It looks a little better.

Novel draft 3:
More honing, more tinkering, some additions, some reductions. It's not done yet, but it's getting there. Junkyard Warriors (AKA critique buddies and editors) who have gone before me have come to my aide and I am able to work their suggestions into my design.

Novel draft 4:
I haven't got this far yet, but I can only dare to dream that my end result will be as creative, useful and enjoyable as the Redneck Super Potty Senior Scooter. What can I say. I set my goals high and AIM!


the Brad said...

I'm doing major revsisions right now. Your analogy is spot on.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Where can I get a scooter like that?

My thoughts on revisions are similar, only not as classy. ;0)


Susan A. Meyers said...

Lol, love the scooter. Welcome to Verla Kay's forum. I look forward to seeing you on it.
God Bless,

C.R. Evers said...

Hey guys! Glad to see you on my side of Blogland!

Brad, glad to see I'm not the only junk yardigan. ;0)

Liz, try Junk Yards R-Us. Or try assembling your own.

Susa, Thanks for the warm welcome. and BTW, love the flip-flop back ground on your blog. Makes me want to head for the beach!

To all: Good luck on your revisions! You'll have your own potty scooters in no time!