Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And the winner of the Skin Hunger book giveaway is. . . .

Congratulations to


You are the winner of a copy of Skin Hunger

contact me at

Bevers@ncc.rr.com with mailing info

Thanks to everybody who entered! There will be more book giveaways to come!

And Thank you Kathleen for taking the time to give us an insightful interview and great advice!


Rena said...

Congratulations Cindy!

cindy said...

no way! thank you, christy!
i never win anything!

and thanks for the congrats, rena.
i'll email now! =D

yay! you totally made my day!

kathleen duey said...

Cindy, I just hope you like it!!

I can sign and send a bookplate if you like.

all best,

Gottawrite Girl said...

Durnit! We do love our giveaways. Dear LORD... when I think of how much money I spend on books... I just can't help it!

: )

Talk soon, my friend!

Brenda said...

Congrats Cindy!!!