Friday, October 10, 2008

A lizard moved in

I admit, I have a soft place in my heart for all creatures, even the ones that shed their skins and don't like to be held or pet. And I'm thrilled because it seems as if the lil fella' in the picture above has picked my plant as a home.

One day I put this plant on the porch while I mopped my floor. when I went to move the plant back inside, this lil guy was there. I didn't have the heart to shoo him away . . . so I waited til the next morning. He was still there. and the day after that and the day after that.

"Why didn't you shoo him away?" you might ask. My answer is this. I really liked seeing him there. Whenever I look out the front window or go on the porch, I check to see if he's there. He usually is and I'm disappointed when I dont' see him. I even got to watch him shed his skin one day. It's to the point where I don't want to bring the plant in, even if he isn't in there, because I dont' want to take his home away.

I think I want to give him a name. What's a good lizard name?

I know he'll soon go away and do whatever lizards do during NC winter, but until then, I want to give him a name.

I love him. ;0)


Maverick Mercury said...

How about Lamont? Or Godzilla. Or Zilla.

I will call him mini me.


Jacqui said...

I love lizards. For some reason, I want to name this one Noodle.

Tabitha said...


I wouldn't have shooed him away either. :) Lizards are just plain cool. As for names, anything except Geico will do... :)

karen lee said...

We had a little lizard just like your little lizard last year. My son Carter named him Ripper because of the imressively agessive way he ripped the wings off the dragonfly he was served for his first capive meal.

He's no longer with us. RIP, dear Ripper.

How about Dash? Our cat is named Dash and it is a really very great name.

adrienne said...

How cute! He looks like a Claude to me.
For some reason the lizard population in our neighborhood went crazy this year and we have them all over our yard. Besides being entertaining, they're keeping the bug population down!

sruble said...

We don't have lizards here. I think they're cool, except when I don't know they are there and then they move real fast and scare the heck out of me! I totally would leave the plant outside for your lizard friend too. :0)

I think he looks like a Bill. No real reason, just the name that popped into my head. But he should probably have a more unusual name, like Zazu or Slink.

Kelly said...

I'd keep him too!
Lucky (since he found a friend)

Or Lola or Layla!

Rena said...

He's cute. Looks like a SLICK to me.

Kate said...

Rena, you beat me to it! That's exactly the name I thought of too. He's lovely. Yes, I'd definitely have let him stay around.

Brenda said...

I can't come up with names that quick...I was glad I had 9 months to decide on a name for my son when he was born...grin...

I will say...I like Noodle...he does look like a Noodle...grin..

C.R. Evers said...

Wow! You guys are good with lizard naming!

Now I have lots of good ones to choose from. The only thing I'm sure about is that his name won't be Geico. ;0 )

You guys are the greatest!

Janelle said...

NANOLIZARDO, perhaps?? Though I also like the already voted for "claude" and leonardo.

What a cutie! My cat is always stalking the lizards on our I likewise stalk the cat to keep her from eating the lizards. :)

Hey Chrisy, on a separate note. I've just started a series of nanowrimo posts on, including a CONTEST posted today. I hope you'll come by to check it out!
- Janelle

C.R. Evers said...

Hey Janelle!

I've been working on my Nano prep! I'll be sure to check out your blog!